Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Atlanta bound

I had hoped to do a post on Sunday as the guys from Warbanner visited Gaming Figures for a Gangs of Rome day and a good day was had by all, unfortunately didn't get chance.
Currently sat in Newcastle departures to fly to Heathrow and then onwards to Atlanta to meet up with my son and his wife for a week, hate flying but looking forward to seeing them.
6 kilos of the case is his stuff 🤣 In particular cards against humanity game which weighs bloody heavy.
A busy March is scheduled Gaming wise so standby for some 18th century mayhem

Tuesday, 30 January 2018


Just in case people thought I'd been letting the 18th Century slip then I maaged to finish off the horses for more French Cavalry.
The Languedoc dragoons and the rest of the Cuirassiers.
I've just had another delivery from Griffin so there will be all sorts hitting the bench in the next few weeks.

I do need to add a little bit of button lace to the dragoons and make some command but the French army continues to grow.
Added a couple more pics just for Carlo :)

Rome Part 3

Well after a big push painting buildings and figures then I was ready for a first try out last night at the club.

Now the thing with this project is that everything has been painted for effect and speed - so first up the Gang fighters.

The figures by Footsore are very nice, facial features on some are quite soft and easily lost with heavy painting also a couple had bad flash lines which is unusual for Footsore.
Unlike most I haven't put cobble stones on the bases as I have plans for thee to move into the hills as rebellious slaves at some point.
Next up pictures from the game showing buildings etc. Foundry figures provided the mobs as I haven't got the new ones done yet.
The buildings by Sarrissa were easy to make and straight forward to paint I followed some videos by March Attack through a link on the Gangs of Rome facebook page. They're not finished but look ok for the moment.

The temple is one I bought some years ago. The game played well we used 95 points and as Gav, my opponent, hasn't got his stuff ready we drew gang members and equipment randomly!
We enjoyed the game it lasted just under two hours ( I won :)) and was most enjoyable. Lots of playability here.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Rome Part 2

Whilst the motivation is there and I'm waiting on the figures and buildings to arrive I did recall committing to a Kickstarter a couple of years ago for an amphithetre so to while away the last coupleof nights I rattled through the construction of this.

There's a couple of bits to tidy up after I've sprayed it. Not bad for two nights work and no instructions! Down side was on the last but one section I was one piece missing for the fencing but I will make something out of plasticard.
The company was called Hurlbatt but they appear to have been bought out and this is no longer available. I also found time to build a warbases Villa and walls.

And just so Robbie knows I'm keeping focussed I've just started painting 42 horses to finish off some French cavalry.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Gangs of ROme

Before hunkering back down to 18th century stuff after Christmas a few from the club have pre-ordered some bits and pieces from the forthcoming Footsore miniatures game of 'Gangs of Rome'
Now I knew I had some bits and pieces in the garage for an idea based on the Simon Scarrow novel re a slave rebellion in Crete.
After a short search I found quite a few blisters so over the last two weeks I've managed to complete 52 figures!
All speed painted and there's a handful to go but should let me hit the ground running.

Next up a few buildings and then back to painting Highlanders!

Friday, 29 December 2017

What's on the bench. What's to come for 2018

Well before doing the ramble of what my plans are for 2018 a quick look at the bench shows that in anticipation of the Gangs of Rome game from Footsore miniatures for once I've got ahead of my colleagues by painting some Foundry figures I've had languishing in the lead pile for a while.
These have been painted for speed, base coat, limited highlight and army painter wash.
There's another 20 or so to go but that's only a couple of paint desk sessions.

I don't intend to ramble too much but like many as the year draws to a close we have a habit of looking back and then looking forward. Indeed I looked back right to the start of the blog and found that many of the projects I've mentioned over the years never progressed to fruition.

Indeed over the last two years I have sold a significant number of my painted figures and a lot of my lead mountain. In some cases it has been to help fund my miniature business in other cases both my son and wife made me question the validity of holding onto armies that I really haven't gamed with for many years. Fond memories yes but I still have the memories, there other argument was why shouldn't i have some of the enjoyment of spending the cash on what I wanted rather than waiting for someone else to benefit when I'm gone!!!  Selling large collections rarely raises the kind of value you would if sold in small lots but receiving over £10,000 in one go offsets quite a lot of the burden of trying to dispose of figures piece by piece.

So what am I left with and what am I going to do?
Well the never ending 28mm Ancients - Greek, Successors and their enemies keeps ongoing and I doubt will ever reach a final conclusion.
Likewise my 18th century collection continues to grow in association with my business but I would like to complete the Jacobites this coming year and start an early Saxon army which I hope to release, the French and less so the British will continue to expand - I would really like to start taking the fight to other areas of the world - India, Carribean, Ameirca whi knows.
28mm WWII for Chain of Command is a slow burner
15mm Ancients - only because that's the scale played at the club!
and in the background some Dark Age bits and pieces and I've mentioned before increase use of Peter Dennis's paper armies to play games in theatres I fancy but will never paint.
More gaming in my cabin and really that's about it. There are some decisions to make re. the figure business over the next couple of years but that discussion isn't for here.
Can I wish you all the very best for the coming year and may our hobby continue to provide inspiration and enjoyment to us all

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Another little Road Trip to the past - Miniature Warfare Magazine

In 1968 when Miniature Warfare was first published I was but 11 and missed out on the first two and a bit years of its publication, I did manage to get the odd issue from volumes 3,4 and 5 but never managed to get complete sets.

Over the years I've always kept a look out for the mag but to no avail and I refuse to pay the current £6-£11 an issue currently being asked on eBay.

Out of daftness I emailed John Tunstill, who first published the magazine, and  who is still dealing in figures and asked if he had any spare copies, his reply was great he had a set of five volumes and in binders for a price that I couldn't get 6 mags on eBay.

They arrived yesterday so I'm going to do a bit of wallowing in nostalgia.

Having had a quick flick through what strikes me with the magazine compared with those of today is that apart from the production quality the articles were generally more inclusive, detailed and not promoted to selling a brand or range.

In fact it didn't take long to find the (in)famous article on 'screw' armies and at last I could read all the articles on the ACW campaign held using maps of Ireland.
(can't understand why this is upside down! sorry)
Of course the late Peter Gilder also started his 'In The Grand Manner' articles in this mag and what an inspiration they were.